Unreal Tournament 4 is the fifth main game in the Unreal Tournament series, powered by the new, powerful Unreal Engine 4.  It’s a competitive, fast-paced online arena first person shooter with beefy weapons, cool abilities, and great map designs.

The game is being made by a small team of Unreal Tournament veterans, with any developer who has a licensed Unreal Engine 4 able to help.  The developement of the game is completely public, and when the game launches it’s going to be free, not ‘free to play’ but completely FREE.

Builds are updated more than once a week so check back regularly to follow it’s development.  The servers are limited at the moment, and as you can imagine they’re pretty packed, so if you can’t access a game now just try again later.  Happy Fragging!

Download the Pre-Alpha now!

I’ve owned and enjoyed enjoyed all the Unreal Tournament games that have been produced.

When 2004 came out they let you send in your copy of 2003 for a discount. But I didn’t want to part with mine, so I just paid full price!

In those times the idea was that it would be that an updated version would be brought out yearly, like other sports games. That didn’t happen…

Ben Heck continues his working building a handheld ZX Spectrum, amazing!

Me and my son visited #Revival2014 today held in Wolverhampton in the UK.

I was really impressed at the quantity and quality of systems and games available for anyone there to play on. The organizers had clearly worked hard to make sure there was something for everyone there (as long as you like games!)

I wish I’d been able to attend on Saturday as John Romero made an appearance!

The highlights of the event for me were (in no particular order):

  • So many pinball machines, I love ‘em!
  • Fix it Felix Junior arcade machine
  • Oculus Rift - which made me feel very sick
  • Mountains of games and systems for sale
  • Super Off Road arcade machine!
  • Playing on a Vectrex - first time
  • Playing Pong - long time, since my first time

I’m very much looking forward to the 2015 event, recommended!

How to *almost* create a CPU in Prison Architect using the new alpha 23 enhancements, pretty cool! (If you’re a geek like me)

Broken Sword 5 episode 2 is now available via the Google Play app store for £3.99.

The perfect game for spending some relaxing Nexus 7 time…

Broken Sword 5 episode 2 is now available via the Google Play app store for £3.99.

The perfect game for spending some relaxing Nexus 7 time…

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.0, now has infinite worlds.

"It’s like playing a whole new game!" ™

Has it really been that long since Grim Fandango was released?

While I was waiting to get a copy of this game for Christmas I just kept replaying the demo and trailer over and over.

Extremely original and extremely good.


A smaller diorama of the map (21cmx21cm) 9 houres work

A fantastic piece of craftsmanship!

The Stanley Parable, if you play games then you should experience this one. 

Then afterwards, watch this video…